The madmen


Mankind is performing a stage play whose near end is foreseeable. You can watch humanity tighten the noose around its own neck.

If even only a fraction of the 1.4 billion Chinese soon strive for western standards of living, the resources of the earth will soon be exhausted. We do not have 5 Earths at our disposal, which we would need if the entire human race were to adopt our standard of living. China is already a larger CO2 emitter than the USA today and China is no longer an emerging country, in many areas China is a fully developed country, although China itself insists on the status "developing country" despite its development strength, in order not to lose the advantages of this status. Not to mention the 1.4 billion Indians who are already or will soon be aspiring to our standards of living.

Just 100 years ago, people were barely capable of making life difficult for themselves in neighboring countries; today, we are in the process of making the entire earth uninhabitable. Although mankind has so far avoided waging a global nuclear war, we humans are capable of destroying the earth even without war. Often it is simply the sheer mass that is the threat. It is the sheer mass of combustion vehicles that pollute the air in Europe, the Americas and now also Asia and contribute to greenhouse gases, it is the mass of airplanes that travel the earth, it is the sheer mass of heaters, but especially air conditioners with miserable efficiencies*** and their in sum enormous waste heat that contribute to global warming and greenhouse gases. Not to mention fluorine-containing gases (F-gases, HFC) often used in air conditioners and heat pumps, which can be 8000-24000 times as harmful as other coolants and CO2 and escape into the atmosphere in case of leaks (~ 5-7%/anno in split systems) or at the latest during disposal. It is the countless blast furnaces, industrial chimneys, coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants with their dirt-cheap electricity and industrialized agriculture and forestry that fuel global warming (methane, deforestation, monocultures, ...). And concrete must also be mentioned here: Concrete production generates 6 to 8 percent of global CO2 emissions. This still exceeds commercial air traffic with 2.5% (2018). And even our waste still produces 3.5% of global CO2. By the way: last but not least in this list is the internet and the massive data centers of Google & Co and of course the crazy cryptocurrencies.

50 degrees Celsius (122F) in the summer of 2021 in the heat dome in western Canada and on the entire west coast of the USA and not much less in New York (one newspaper even reported 52 degrees Celsius (125,6F), Microsoftnews msn 'normal' 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 54.4 degrees Celsius in Death Valley,  52°C (125,6F) is 10 degrees more than the July temperature in Doha/Qatar. At 32 degrees (86F), morbidity increases about more than five percent, at 38 degrees (100F) it increases eleven percent and more, 50°C does not exist in the repertoire of the german  official weather office: A.Matzarakis, Center for Medical-Meteorological Research of the official german weather office in Freiburg), 47.1 degrees Celsius in Greece, 45°C in Sardinia, Calabria, Sicily (48.8°C (119,84F) in Syracuse) and Turkey, 48°C (118,4F) in the arctic, Siberian Russia , 47°C degrees in Algeria, heat record with 47,4°C in Spain, connected with the corresponding forest fires, in Russia even with historical extent of forest fires, are apocalyptic portents, which may leave nobody unmoved. If, for example, the permafrost in Russia thaws in the long term, gigantic amounts of climate-damaging methane will be released, which experts expect. Alarming are the latest results from Alaska and Russia that the permafrost is already currently melting. The release of methane also plays a role in ocean warming, a scenario that triggers the greatest fears among scientists. Today it is already manifest that at the highest point of the ice sheet in Greenland, at an altitude of 3000 meters, rain fell instead of snow for the first time since measurements began. Greenland recorded one of the most significant melting events of the ice this year. Record temperatures of more than 23 degrees Celsius in northern Greenland caused a global sea level rise of 1.5 millimeters. 23.4° is the highest temperature since weather records began. Martin Stendel of Polar Portal: enough ice has melted "to cover all of Germany with 11.5 cm of water." This should be of great concern not only to scientists, because warming in the Arctic is occurring three times faster than anywhere else in the world.

These are all events that can only be stopped - not to mention reversed - with the utmost effort. It is the beginning of the final battle of rich against poor, with the big first losers homeless, old, sick, children (in the Canadian coastal province of British Columbia alone at least 233 dead, the British "Guardian" even speaks of 719 "sudden and unexpected" death(s), the USA is smart enough not to publish these figures for their country.).

In 2015, according to Oxfam**, the 80 richest people owned as much wealth as the poorer 50 percent of people (in 2010 this was still 388 people) and already in 2017 the Oxfam study lists only 8 men who are richer than the remaining 3.6 billion people in the world. (If you think the Oxfam numbers are exaggerated or have read the Financial Times critique of them, there are very reliable sources that confirm these Oxfam numbers). A now 6 year old Oxfam study says the richest 10 percent cause half of the world's greenhouse gases . You will be able to figure out for yourself, after the above figures, what this means today. These insane people are meanwhile 'burning' their money by getting themselves shot into space. Elon Musk is planning humanoid robots for 2022, probably to continue selling his cars when humanity is extinct.

Perhaps a few simple-minded people now believe they have something to gain by quickly siding with the apparent winners. Maybe people are really so incredibly naive to believe this is alarmism. To these people be said: this fight knows only losers. The end of the Anthropocene will be an escalating unimaginable inferno.

We have handed over the keys to the world to madmen. We should not believe that they will now come to their senses. On the contrary, the stock markets and FTSE and Dow Jones and  DAX are celebrating ever new all-time highs. The world has not heard a cry of horror at this beacon and portent. The official radio and  television stations, which heave a special program into the program for every nonsense, kept quiet and silent (perhaps they fear for their studio air conditioners) and instead broadcast soap operas to lull people to sleep. The 1.5 degrees described by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change refer to the first continuously conducted reliable temperature measurements 140 years ago, in the 1880s, when in Germany already more than a century, in England already more than a century and also in France already more than a century 1600 degree hot blast furnaces smoked, thousands of chimneys, but also still countless harvest fires smoked and sooty steam horses drove through the countries. Despite the other claims that can be read everywhere, the measurements and series of measurements made before 1880 were unreliable because they were hardly comparable and little was documented about their context: "Global temperature records start around 1880 because observations did not sufficiently cover enough of the planet prior to that time" (NASA, no comment.).

Grafik NASA Temperaturentwicklung 1880 bis heute
temperature development 1880 until today

The 500-year-old, 1000-year-old and 2500-year-old olive trees burned down in Italy, Spain and Greece in 2021 (see also here: "The valley of the olive trees, also a thousand-year-old olive tree there, does not exist any more") or in the year before in California thousand-year-old Redwood trees in the mountains of Santa Cruz (that they survived this, should serve nobody for the reassurance) are warning omens for themselves and should deliver a wake-up call not to be overheard.

The heavy rainfall, hurricanes and tornadoes with their devastation that are currently taking place all over the world are also clearly a consequence of warming. Even with a warming of only one degree, the air can absorb seven percent more water. If things were done rationally in the world, the polluters would have to be charged for the damage.

The lunatics, on the contrary, will use these keys to lock up the few remaining sane ones. The puppet Sundar Pichai will not show you this page today and not in the future.

The worst thing about all this is that people do not understand the seriousness of the situation. The melting of the permafrost is setting off an avalanche that can no longer be stopped. People think that by planting a few little trees, it will be all right. That might have helped the day before yesterday, but today the vehicle in which mankind is traveling is halfway over the abyss. One wrong move, one rash action, and we crash.

By the way: There  is enough ice in the world to let the sea level rise up to 65 meters if temperatures are further rising. This means that nearly the whole of britain is under water.

U.S. universities were initially on this side in large numbers now, too. And even up to President Biden, the warning now seems to have been passed on. He took a visit of environmental destruction on 7.9.21 as an opportunity to quote this page almost verbatim almost two months after publication: "The nation and the world are in peril. And that's not hyperbole. That is a fact."(emphasis R.C.-B) and "drastic action would be needed" and scienctists "all tell us this is code red."


**)Oxfam is really not known for socialist activities. It is really treacherous that, Financial Times ("We believe in capitalism. But the model is under strain." These lunatics can read here why.), Journal of Finance and Journal of Banking and Finance  try again and again to denounce and criticize Oxfam for transparent reasons.

You can find all the Oxfam-studies here:

***)"90 percent of American households have air-conditioning" 1/4 of which was already dilapidated in 2015: "According to a 2015 survey, more than one in four American households still has an air conditioning unit that needs replacement. "

If you are in need of more scientific evidence, see the german article. Via wikipedia you can always find the appropriate articles in your language.




The final battle of the air conditioning systems

Since in the editorial offices of the Journal of Finance and Journal of Banking and Finance and Financial Times obviously only well-paid lunatics are working and people seem to lack the imagination to imagine their future in the war of the air conditioning  systems, this site must take over the task to present to the people a short abstract of the future of the history of mankind, which cannot be written any more.

Air conditioners had become the best seller ever at the end of the climate war among ordinary people. Not only in China, but also in the West, the assembly lines of air conditioner manufacturers were running hot. They ranked right at the top of the Dax and Dow Jones. However, as the electricity costs of the devices rose immeasurably, sales had to be pushed on psychological terrain. The cooling units were aggressively advertised as "The hottest unit in the West," which was to be taken literally, or "Grill your neighbor."

At this time, air conditioner manufacturers could be found producing air conditioners for the happy-few for astronomical sums that were able to create a comfortable indoor climate even with maximum outdoor temperatures. Normal people could not afford these air conditioners, but the Happy-Few also made these devices available to the baker and butcher of their choice. After all, they wanted to continue to eat their freshly baked rolls in the morning and their meat at noon. The baker processed the grain flown in from the far corners of the world where something was still growing, and the butcher processed the last livestock that had not yet succumbed to heat death.

The record waste heat of the super air conditioners now led the rest of mankind quite swiftly to its end.

The Happy-Few realized too late that the first nuclear power plants were blowing up and that their air conditioners did not work without electricity. At this time they tried to make their super air conditioners available to the nuclear power plant workers as well, but had to realize that in the meantime the manufacturers of the super air conditioners had closed down, because their workers had all died of hunger and heat in the meantime.

Now one nuclear power plant after another was blowing up all over the world. The Happy-Few stocked up on the last irradiated super-food available on earth and sought out the last bearable places on earth: the 6000s and 8000s. Unfortunately, the Happy-Few were not aware that on these mountains it is impossible to breathe the irradiated air, which in the meantime has risen to maximum temperatures, without oxygen equipment.

Germany has a special responsibility in this hellish game: the atom was first split in Germany by Otto Hahn, Linde invented the refrigeration machine. And while it is meanwhile a truism that a heating system works most optimally when the warm air circulates only in the house and the house is optimally insulated to the outside, the functional principle of the air conditioning system, to transport the heat inside the house to the outside and this with miserable efficiency and dangerous gases, has obviously not yet really come to people's awareness.

The air conditioner is the symbol and embodiment of capitalism in machine form: to make oneself comfortable at the expense of all others and the environment.

And finally obviously even this banality has to be explained to humans: You can protect yourself against cold with simple means, but not against heat.